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  1. rows · According to the Same Old Lang Syne Songfacts, as Fogelberg tells it on his official .
  2. About “Same Old Lang Syne” 1 contributor Fogelberg wrote this song based on an incident in when he bumped into an old girlfriend from high school, Jill Anderson Greulich, at a convenience.
  3. Dec 30,  · This time of year Dan Fogelberg’s hit “Same Auld Lang Syne” pops up on the radio again and never fails to work its spell on me. It falls into a very small category of Christmas songs that.
  4. Lyrics to 'Same Old Lang Syne' by Dan Fogelberg: Met my old lover in the grocery store The snow was falling Christmas Eve I stole behind her in the frozen foods And I touched her on the sleeve Dan Fogelberg - Same Old Lang Syne Lyrics | MetroLyrics.
  5. It is the way we relate to all poetry and "Same Old Lang Syne" is certainly poetry. Its just poetry set to hauntingly beautiful music. Two times in my life I managed to "reach beyond the emptiness" and reconnect with former loves. The first time was with my "first love" and there was a good deal of real pain involved with the breakup.
  6. Dec 26,  · About five years later, Fogelberg released “Same Old Lang Syne,” a sentimental telling of their NYE Christmas Eve encounter — with some minor poetic license taken. One .
  7. Nov 12,  · The short answer: “Auld Lang Syne” is the title and key phrase of a Scots poem by Robert Burns, typically sung on New Years Eve around the world. The phrase “auld lang syne” literally.
  8. The phrase "Auld Lang Syne" is also used in similar poems by Robert Ayton (–), Allan Ramsay (–), and James Watson (), as well as older folk songs predating Burns. Matthew Fitt uses the phrase "in the days of auld lang syne" as the equivalent of "once upon a time" in his retelling of fairy tales in the Scots language.

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