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  1. The band's ode to s New York and punk scene "Shattered" closes the album and what a great middle finger to the punk rockers who thought The Rolling Stones were dinosaurs. The Some Girls album did very well hitting #1 making it the sixth Stones studio effort in a row to top Billboard (where it reigned for TWO WEEKS, remember Saturday Night /5().
  2. Nov 21,  · The Rolling Stones tour of the USA in support of that year's Some Girls album is considered by fans to be one of their very best. The tour followed immediately on the release of the Some Girls album and by the time the band arrived in Texas in mid-July the album /5(22).
  3. Dance-influenced tunes such as “Miss You”, “Beast of Burden” and “Shattered” helped the album become one of the Stones' best-selling, with 6 million copies in the United States alone.
  4. During the mid-'70s, the Rolling Stones remained massively popular, but their records suffered from Jagger's fascination with celebrity and Keith's worsening drug habit. By , both punk and disco had swept the group off the front pages, and Some Girls was their fiery response to the younger generation. Opening with the disco-blues thump of "Miss You," Some Girls is a tough, focused, and.
  5. Some Girls is really the last great Stones album. Apart from their stunning début album, and the too often overlooked outstanding "Aftermath", albums hadn't really been the Stones thing for most of the sixties in the same way as they had been for the Beatles/5().
  6. Cheekiness is half the fun of Some Girls, but the other half is pure heart, especially the scrappy self-portrait of “Before They Make Me Run” and a twangy barroom cover of The Temptations’ “Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me).” Sexy, scruffy, but radiant, “Beast of Burden” is the centerpiece of an album on which the group.
  7. Jan 17,  · Some Girls followed Black and Blue, which, by their standards, was not notable in their long list of historically-great albums. Then Some Girls came around, which featured hits like "Beast of Burden" and "Miss You," and the Rolling Stones were back on top. It remains the only one of their albums to be Grammy-nominated for Album of the Year.
  8. Susan from Toronto, Canada Years recording BEAST OF BURDEN, when the Stones recorded the "Steel Wheels" album, they kept reworking the song ALMOST HEAR YOU SIGH because Keith felt it sounded too much like BEAST OF BURDEN. Susan from Toronto, Canada The 8-track-tape version of SOME GIRLS has an alternate version of this song. I had someone.

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